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[1] Cf2 production by cf4 electron impact dissociation in gas discharge / V. V. Ivanov, K. S. Klopovskiy, D. V. Lopaev et al. // ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES BASED ON WAVE AND BEAM GENERATED PLASMAS. — Vol. 67 of NATO ADVANCED SCIENCE INSTITUTE SERIES, SUB-SERIES 3, HIGH TECHNOLOGY. — SPRINGER, PO BOX 17, 3300 AA DORDRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 1999. — P. 471–472. At present neither of available sets of CF4 electron scattering cross sections does enable one to interpret satisfactory the CF4 dissociation in discharge plasma. We have undertook the investigation directed to determine the self-consistent set of CF4 neutral dissociation cross-sections which would allows one to describe correctly the F and CFx(x=1–3) production rates in the discharge. We suggest to carry out a series of experiments on a study of CF and CF2 radical as well as F atom kinetics in positive column of CF4 DC discharge. It is the first work from this series the aim of which was to determine a rate constant of CF4 electron impact dissociation into CF2 radical production channel (e + CF4 ⇒ CF2 + products). The rate constant was determined monitoring the CF2 absolute concentration dynamics in modulated DC discharge by differential UV adsorption technique and laser induced fluorescence method. Following the experimental results and analysis of available data on electron scattering cross section sets on CF4 molecules we have attempted to specify the cross section for this CF4 dissociative channel. [ DOI ]

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