A Diacetylene-Containing Wedge-Shaped Compound: Synthesis, Morphology, and Photopolymerizationстатья

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[1] A diacetylene-containing wedge-shaped compound: Synthesis, morphology, and photopolymerization / M. Rosenthal, L. Lei, J. J. Hernandez et al. // Chemistry - A European Journal. — 2013. — Vol. 19, no. 13. — P. 4300–4307. A novel wedge-shaped compound containing two diacetylene tails, namely, methyl 3,5-bis(trideca-2,4-diyn-1yloxyl) benzoate (DDABM), was synthesized. As shown by UV/Vis spectroscopy this compound can be polymerized under UV irradiation. The crystalline structure of DDABM was investigated by grazing-incidence wide-angle X-ray diffraction on oriented crystal-line films deposited on PTFE-rubbed silicon wafer substrates. Furthermore, the spherulites formed in thicker films were analyzed by wide-angle X-ray diffraction. A molecular packing model of DDABM based on the X-ray diffraction data is proposed. The diacetylene units are oriented along a defined lattice direction with a reticular distance of 4.85 angstrom, which fulfills the requirements for topochemical polymerization. It was observed that UV polymerization does not affect the phase behavior of the compound, but mainly alters its optical properties. [ DOI ]

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