Towards a Warmer Arctic Ocean: Spreading of the Early 21st Century Atlantic Water Warm Anomaly Along The Eurasian Basin Margins,статья

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[1] Towards a warmer arctic ocean: Spreading of the early 21st century atlantic water warm anomaly along the eurasian basin margins, / I. A. Dmitrenko, I. V. Polyakov, S. S. Kirillov et al. // Journal of Geophysical Research. — 2008. — Vol. 113, no. C05023. — P. 1–13. We document through the analysis of 2002–2005 observational data the recent Atlantic Water (AW) warming along the Siberian continental margin due to several AW warm impulses that penetrated into the Arctic Ocean through Fram Strait in 1999–2000. The AW temperature record from our long-term monitoring site in the northern Laptev Sea shows several events of rapid AW temperature increase totaling 0.8C in February–August 2004. We hypothesize the along-margin spreading of this warmer anomaly has disrupted the downstream thermal equilibrium of the late 1990s to earlier 2000s. The anomaly mean velocity of 2.4–2.5 ± 0.2 cm/s was obtained on the basis of travel time required between the northern Laptev Sea and two anomaly fronts delineated over the Eurasian flank of the Lomonosov Ridge by comparing the 2005 snapshot along-margin data with the AW pre-1990 mean. The magnitude of delineated anomalies exceeds the level of pre-1990 mean along-margin cooling and rises above the level of noise attributed to shifting of the AW jet across the basin margins. The anomaly mean velocity estimation is confirmed by comparing mooring-derived AW temperature time series from 2002 to 2005 with the downstream along-margin AW temperature distribution from 2005. Our mooring current meter data corroborate these estimations. [ DOI ]

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