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[1] Ceramics based on calcium pyrophosphate nanopowders / T. V. Safronova, V. I. Putlayev, K. A. Bessonov, V. K. Ivanov // Processing and Application of Ceramics. — 2013. — Vol. 7, no. 1. — P. 9–14. Present work is aimed at the fabrication of resorbable bioceramics based on calcium pyrophosphate (CPP) from the synthesized powders of amorphous hydrated calcium pyrophosphate (AHCPP). Amorphous hydrated calcium pyrophosphate in the form of nanopowders was precipitated from Ca(NO3 )2 and (NH4 )4P2O7 solutions at room temperature in the presence of PO3 – ions. Crystalline CPP powder was fabricated from AHCPP by its thermal decomposition at 600 oC and consisted of β- and α- phase. Small particles, with the size less than 200 nm, were formed promoting sintering of the ceramic material. The final sample, sintered at 900 oC, exhibits microstructure with submicron grains, apparent density of 87% of theoretical density (TD) and demonstrates tensile strength of 70 MPa. [ DOI ]

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