Autonomous absolute calibration of an ICCD camera in single-photon detection regimeстатья

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[1] Autonomous absolute calibration of an iccd camera in single-photon detection regime / Q. Luo, F. Just, G. Leuchs, M. V. Chekhova // Optics Express. — 2016. — Vol. 24, no. 23. — P. 26444. Intensified charge coupled device (ICCD) cameras are widely used in vari-ous applications such as microscopy, astronomy, spectroscopy. Often they are used as single-photon detectors, with thresholding being an essential part of the readout. In this paper, we measure the quantum efficiency of an ICCD camera in the single-photon de-tection mode using the Klyshko absolute calibration technique. The quantum efficiency is obtained as a function of the threshold value and of the wavelength of the detected light. In addition, we study the homogeneity of the photon sensitivity over the camera chip area. The experiment is performed in the autonomous regime, without using any additional detectors. We therefore demonstrate the self-calibration of an ICCD camera. [ DOI ]

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