Structural effects in UO2 thin films irradiated with fission-energy Xe ionsстатья

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[1] Structural effects in uo2 thin films irradiated with fission-energy xe ions / A. J. Popel, V. A. Lebedev, P. G. Martin et al. // Journal of Nuclear Materials. — 2016. — Vol. 482. — P. 210–217. Abstract Uranium dioxide thin films have been successfully grown on LSAT (Al10La3O51Sr14Ta7) substrates by reactive magnetron sputtering. Irradiation by 92 MeV 129Xe23+ ions to simulate fission damage that occurs within nuclear fuels caused microstructural and crystallographic changes. Initially flat and continuous thin films were produced by magnetron sputtering with a root mean square roughness of 0.35 nm determined by AFM. After irradiation, this roughness increased to 60–70 nm, with the films developing discrete microstructural features: small grains (∼3 μm), along with larger circular (up to 40 μm) and linear formations with non-uniform composition according to the SEM, AFM and EDX results. The irradiation caused significant restructuring of the UO2 films that was manifested in significant film-substrate mixing, observed through EDX analysis. Diffusion of Al from the substrate into the film in unirradiated samples was also observed. [ DOI ]

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