Influence of Maturation Conditions of Hydroxyapatite Gel on the Composition of Xerogelстатья

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[1] Influence of maturation conditions of hydroxyapatite gel on the composition of xerogel / S. A. Ulasevich, V. K. Krut’ko, O. N. Musskaya et al. // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. — 2013. — Vol. 86, no. 2. — P. 146–150. The infl uence exerted by conditions of the secondary maturation of hydroxyapatite gel on the composition determined. It was found that the prolonged stage of the secondary maturation within pH 7.6–7.1, the low pH value of distilled water or a solution of the acid (HCl, H3PO4) and the long time of contact of the hydoxyapatite gel with the acid solution assist the formation of α-tricalcium phosphate impurity. A singlephase hydroxyapatite is formed in the presence of distilled water with pH 5.3–5.6, as the time of the secondary stage of maturation of hydroxyapatite gel within pH 7.6–7.1 is decreased and the total washing time is decreased up to 34–40 days. [ DOI ]

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