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[1] Gorshkov A. G., Popov M. V. A spherical subsystem of galactic radio sources // SOVIET ASTRONOMY. — 1976. — Vol. 19, no. 3. — P. 328–332. A concentration of radio sources with flat spectra is detected toward the galactic center by analyzing a statistically complete sample taken from a survey of such sources. Quantitative calculations show that these sources form a spherical subsystem with parameters similar to those of old galactic formations such as globular clusters and RR Lyrae-type stars. The luminosity of an object in this subsystem is found to be 10 to the 33rd power erg/sec, and the total number of objects is estimated to be of the order of 7000. It is shown that the existence of this subsystem can explain the anomalously low slope of the lg N - lg S relationship of other high-frequency surveys since its members constitute a significant part of the total number of surveyed sources in the high-frequency range. It is suggested that this subsystem most probably consists of thermal radio sources (H II regions) and supermassive black holes.

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