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[1] Gorshkov A. G., Konnikova V. K., Mingaliev M. G. Analysis of instantaneous spectra of a complete sample of flat-spectrum radio sources // Astronomy Reports. — 2000. — Vol. 44, no. 6. — P. 353–364. The results of observations of a complete sample of radio sources with spectral indices >-0.5 are presented. The sample was selected from the Zelenchuk Survey at 3.9 GHz and contains all sources with declinations 4-6, Galactic latitudes |b|>10њ, and 3.9-GHz fluxes >200 mJy. Spectra at 0.97-21.7 GHz were obtained for all 69 sample sources. The spectra were classified, and a correlation between variability amplitude and spectrum shape was found. The spectra were separated into extended and compact components. The distribution of spectral indices for the extended components coincides with the distribution for sources with power-law spectra. The correlation between the luminosity and frequency of the peak flux density is confirmed. This correlation is due to the fact that the distribution of source linear dimensions does not depend on luminosity. [ DOI ]

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