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[1] Pavel S. Suruc terrorist attack in the context of the political struggle in turkey // Российский Совет по международным делам (РСМД). — 2015. — no. 23.07.2015. — P. 1–5. On July 20, 2015 the Turkish city of Suruc on the border with Syria fell victim to an horrific terrorist attack that took the lives of more than 30 people and injured another 100 — young activists of the left-wing Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (Sosyalist Genlik Derneği Federasyonu – SGDF) who had travelled across the entire country to take part in a campaign to restore the neighbouring Syrian city of Kobane. Fighting between ISIS and Kurdish people’s protection units had raged in the city for almost six months. The explosion occurred when the protesters — around 300 people — gathered for a news conference in the Amara Culture Centre to explain to the media the idea behind the campaign to restore the city.

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