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[1] Герасименко Валентина Васильевна д. э., Ульянова М. Е. New approaches to internationalization in educational program design: Ways to increase competitiveness // ICERI2016 Proceedings:9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (Spain), 14-16 of November, 2016. — IATED Academy Seville, Spain, 2016. Global changes in society and world economy are creating new pressures on Universities to change Educational Program Design. These pressures include an increased demand for an internationally educated and skilled workforce and a propensity for lifelong learning. Nowadays students of Master Programs and Further professional education in Economics and Management in Russia are oriented on towards career growth primarily in international firms or Russian companies working on the global markets. New approaches to internationalization in Educational Program Design, thanks to the cooperation of Universities, make it possible to increase capacity and competitiveness of educational programs. In order to check the main requirements of the students and evaluate the results of the programs, a special research was conducted at the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). The study includes three surveys, which were made in three waves in 2014-2016 with more than 280 respondents. The methodology of the survey is similar to that used in partner European universities of MSU that provides the base for comparison. Respondents of the survey belong to three groups: Graduates of Master of Science in Economics and Management programs, Graduates of MBA programs, and Graduates of MBA Program at MSU branch in Kazakhstan, which gave us an opportunity to compare priorities, preferences and assessments of three kinds of students. The results reveal common views as well as differences in opinion and provide the basis for new approaches to economic education, including greater emphasis on international studies, relevant cross-cultural skills, the ability to think globally when taking market decisions, the combination of distant technologies with face-to-face contacts with professors and peers, necessary to create the unique atmosphere supporting professional and managerial development. Keywords: Internationalization, International cooperation, Joint Education programs, further professional education, Life-long learning, Program Design, consumer choice, competitiveness.

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