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[1] Buzgalin A., Kolganov A., Barashkova O. Russia: A new imperialist power? // International Critical Thought. — 2016. — Vol. 6, no. 4. — P. 645–660. (December 2016. Special Issue: “Russia, Ukraine and Contemporary Imperialism”, co-edited by Radhika Desai, Alan Freeman and Boris Kagarlitsky). Abstract: The authors show the importance of using modern Marxist methodology to analyse imperialism and so-called “empires.” This methodology makes it possible to reveal the mechanisms through which the capital and states of the countries that make up the “centre” ensure the economic, political and ideological manipulation of the “periphery.” On this basis, it is shown that the capital and state machines of the countries of the semi-periphery in general, and of Russia in particular, are primarily objects of imperialist subordination and manipulation. Only in a few cases are such countries and their capital capable of being the subjects of imperialist policy. An analysis is provided of the contradictions affecting relations between the Russia, Ukraine and the West. A system of politico-economic, geopolitical and other arguments is also advanced with the aim of showing that the Russia does not as a rule act as a subject of imperialist policy, and that only in particular cases (in which, for the most part, it relies on the Soviet heritage) is it capable of resisting the “rules of the game” dictated by the imperialist powers. Meanwhile, it is precisely these instances of resistance that represent the main reason for the accusations of “Russian imperialism.” KEYWORDS: Russia; imperialism; Marxism;Ukraine; geopolitics. [ DOI ]

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