Generation of Geospatial Information for Support of Sustainable Forest Management in Russiaстатья

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[1] Nataliya M., Tatiana Z., Nadezhda V. Generation of geospatial information for support of sustainable forest management in russia // Proceedings, 6th International Conference on Cartography & GIS. — Vol. 1. — Bulgarian Cartographic Association, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016. — P. 687–692. Geospatial data serves as a main information component to support the sustainable forest management. Forest statistical data in a table or text form is traditionally applied for strategic planning and forest recourse assessment by Russian forest administration. The statistical data prepared for management units in the regions is summarized within the framework of state forest register at the federal level. Up to now, the main disadvantage of forest register is the lack of cartographic support and visualization of statistical data. The simple map service for visualization of statistical record data as an atlas of interactive maps is now being developed. [ DOI ]

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