High Z Effects in Accounting for Radiative Component of the Electron Magnetic Moment in HydrogenLike Atomsстатья

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[1] Sveshnikov K. A., Khomovskii D. I. High z effects in accounting for radiative component of the electron magnetic moment in hydrogenlike atoms // Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters. — 2013. — Vol. 10, no. 2. — P. 119–131. The behavior of electron energy levels in hydrogenlike atoms is studied while taking into account the nonperturbative interaction between the radiative component of the magnetic moment of a free electron Δgfree and the Coulomb field of an atomic nucleus with charge Z, including those with Z > 137. It is shown that for Zα  1 the energylevel shift is rather effectively determined through the matrix elements of the cor responding Dirac–Pauli operator with relativistic Coulomb wave functions. At the same time, for superheavy nuclei with Z ∼ 170, this shift, generated by Δgfree, is genuinely nonperturbative, behaves like ∼Z5 near the threshold of negative continuum, exceeds all the estimates of radiative corrections coming from vacuum polarization and electron selfenergy known so far, and turns out to be at least of the same order as the effects of nuclear charge screening by filled electron shells. [ DOI ]

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