Nonperturbative Quantum Relativistic Effects in the Confinement Mechanism for Particles in a Deep Potential Wellстатья

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[1] Sveshnikov K. A., Ulybyshev M. V. Nonperturbative quantum relativistic effects in the confinement mechanism for particles in a deep potential well // PARTICLE PHYSICS ON THE EVE OF LHC. — 5 TOH TUCK LINK, SINGAPORE,SINGAPORE, 596224: 5 TOH TUCK LINK, SINGAPORE,SINGAPORE, 596224, 2009. — P. 394–397. The properties of relativistic bound states of bosons and fermions confined in the deep potential well are considered within the framework of covariant hamiltonian formulation of the quasipotential approach. It is shown, that the main properties of such relativistic bound states like wavefunctions and the structure of energy spectrums turn out to be appreciably different from corresponding solutions of differential Schrödinger or Dirac equations for the static external potential of the same form. [ DOI ]

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