P700-Dependent variable fluorescence at 760 nm in CP I of cyanobacteria at 77Kстатья

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[1] P700-dependent variable fluorescence at 760 nm in cp i of cyanobacteria at 77k / N. V. Karapetian, V. V. Shubin, S. S. Vasiliev et al. // Photosynthesis Research. — 1992. — Vol. 34, no. 1. — P. 130–130. 77K light-induced decrease of fluorescence at 760 nm (F760) was found in cyanobacterial membranes dependent on P700 redox state>. F760 is emitted by chlorophyll absorbing at 735 nm (Chi-735). This Chl form was found in high-molecular,250 kDa, PSI complex (CPlc); low-molecular, i00 kDa, complex (CPla) has no Chi-735 and contains mainly Chi-710 emitting at 730 nm. Photooxidation of PT00 is accompanied by F760 quenching as a result of energy migration from Chi-735 to oxidized P700. It is shown that T for F730 is independent of the redox state of P700 and is 500 ps in CPIa and 200 ps in CPIc. Oxidation of P700 in CPIc decreases t from 800 to 200 ps for F760. Thus Chi-735 is located in the internal antenna of CPIc.

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