Modified Halocline Water over the Laptev Sea Continental Margin: Historical Data Analysisстатья

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[1] Modified halocline water over the laptev sea continental margin: Historical data analysis / I. A. Dmitrenko, S. A. Kirillov, V. V. Ivanov et al. // Journal of Climate. — 2012. — Vol. 25. — P. 5556–5565. Historical hydrographic data (1940s-2010) show a distinct cross-slope difference of the lower halocline water (LHW) over the Laptev Sea continental margins. Over the slope, the LHW is on average warmer and saltier by 0.2oC and 0.5 psu, respectively, relative to the off-slope LHW. The LHW temperature time series constructed from historical records links the Laptev Sea on-slope LHW temperature to the Atlantic water (AW) boundary current transporting warm water from the North Atlantic. In contrast, the LHW salinity is linked to the sea-ice and wind forcing over the potential upstream source region in the Barents and northern Kara seas, as indicated by our hydrodynamic modeling. On-slope propagating saltier LHW from the Barents Sea favors stronger downstream mixing with underlying AW that, in turn, contributes to enhanced vertical mixing over the sloping topography of the Siberian continental margin. [ DOI ]

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