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[1] Thz surface plasmon jump between two metal edges / M. M. Nazarov, J. L. Coutaz, A. P. Shkurinov, F. Garet // Optics Communications. — 2007. — Vol. 277. — P. 33–39. We excite surface plasmon in the THz frequency range at a metal surface using a diffraction grating coupler. Then the excited surface plasmon propagates along the flat metal surface, scatters into free space at the sample edge and then couples onto the flat surface of a second device similar to the emitting one. Using THz time-domain spectroscopy, we study plasmon propagation and its coupling processes in time and frequency domains. We measure a surface plasmon propagation length, at a flat air–aluminum interface, smaller than expected. We report for the first time a high coupling efficiency of the THz surface plasmon field between the two grating devices separated by a several centimeters-thick air gap. [ DOI ]

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