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[1] Belinsky A. V., Zhukovskiy A. K. On non-locality of quantum objects // Journal of Russian Laser Research. — 2016. — Vol. 37, no. 5. — P. 521–532. The option of the experiment with a correlated pair of particles in an entangled state, which demonstrates the effect of polarization change for an entangled photons showing the reality of all different superposition states and the corresponding vector of quantum system state, is introduced. Possible consequences of this fact are analyzed. A "quantum realism" paradigm within the relational paradigm is proposed instead of the "local realism" concept, disproved by the experiments on verifying Bell’s inequalities. The results of experimental research of Leggett`s inequality violation are analyzed in relation with verification of the adequacy of different kinds of non-local hidden variable theories. A new way of evaluating them based on the research of the photon cross-correlation suppression after a beam splitter and preparation of quantum squeezed states is suggested. The inconsistency of a quantum effects interpretation based on a non-local hidden variable theory is shown. [ DOI ]

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