Liquid-Crystal Metasurfaces Self-Assembled on Focused Ion Beam Patterned Polymer Layers: Electro-Optical Control of Light Diffraction and Transmissionстатья

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[1] Liquid-crystal metasurfaces self-assembled on focused ion beam patterned polymer layers: Electro-optical control of light diffraction and transmission / M. V. Gorkunov, I. V. Kasyanova, V. V. Artemov et al. // ACS applied materials & interfaces. — 2020. — Vol. 12, no. 27. — P. 30815–30823. Self-assembling of liquid-crystal metasurfaces on polymer layers patterned by a focused ion beam manifests itself in distinctly colored optical transmission, as light from certain spectral bands is efficiently diffracted by the periodic liquid crystal modulations. We explore the metasurface electro-optics by applying voltage across the liquid crystal to straighten its director distribution and reroute the diffracted light into the direct transmission. We show that the characteristic times of switching from the diffracting to the transmitting state can be decreased down to a millisecond by increasing the driving voltage up to 6−8 V, while the main part of the relaxation back into the periodically deformed diffracting state occurs within about a few milliseconds, i.e., by an order of magnitude faster than the relaxation of the analogous homogeneous electro-optical liquid crystal cell. We explain the profound dynamics in terms of superimposed exponential modes governed by an interplay of the metasurface geometric parameters, the liquid crystal viscosity, and elasticity. [ DOI ]

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