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[1] Вальков Д. В. ВИЗУАЛЬНЫЙ НАРРАТИВ ПЕРУДЖИНСКОГО ФОНТАНА МАДЖОРЕ // Романские тетради. — Т. 1. — Языки Народов Мира Москва, 2020. — С. 177–183. The purpose of the article is to analyse the decorative program of the Fontana Maggiore as one of the key architectural monuments in Perugia, dated to the last third of the XIII century, the era of the so called ‘second’ or ‘late’ commune in Perugia. The Fontana Maggiore’s decorative program is considered as a visual narrative establishing the main political and ideological pro-Guelph commune landmarks, its power taxis, but also indicating the key components of the medieval city and urban society image as a whole. Within the monument decorative program context as visual narrative, an attempt to reinterpret a number of its decorative components is also made. Keywords: Perugia, the Fontana Maggiore, visual narrative, urban commune, epigraphic studies.

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