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[1] Project ‘baikal’ - testing the scheme for electric pulse generation / E. A. Azizov, S. G. Alikhanov, E. P. Velikhov et al. // Plasma Devices and Operations. — 2004. — Vol. 12, no. 2. — P. 123–132. The scheme of a multi-objective installation ‘Baikal’, a multi-megajoule source of X-ray emission with a temperature of 250-300 eV and a power of 500-1000 TW, is described in this article. The Project of the ‘Baikal’ installation is based on an inductive energy store, which in the process of step-by-step energy transmission with increasing power generates an electric pulse with parameters required for compression of liners. Electric parameters of the ‘Baikal’ installation are: current -50 MA, voltage 8-10 MV, pulse duration - 150 ns, pulse energy 30 MJ. An installation ‘MOL’ is intended for testing the scheme of one of ‘Baikal’ modules. It consists of an inductive store IN-1 with accumulated energy of 12,5 MJ, capacitor banks, a magnetic amplifier, a magnetic compressor with a capacitor bank for generation of initial magnetic flow, a plasma opening switch (POS) and a load simulator. [ DOI ]

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