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[1] Kazakhstan tokamak for material testing / E. A. Azizov, V. N. Dokouka, N. Y. Dvorkin et al. // Plasma Devices and Operations. — 2003. — Vol. 11, no. 1. — P. 39–55. The Kazakhstan Tokamak for Material testing (KTM) is proposed as a test bench for plasma-facing components investigation. Special attention is devoted to divertor plates testing under powerful particle and heat flux deposition. There are two important pecularities of KTM, which make it a unique installation: - single null (SN) plasma configuration with moderate-to-low aspect ratio A = 2, high elongation k(95) approximate to 1.7 and megaampere level of plasma current I-p; creation of database for elongated plasma with A = 2 can be an important “bridge” between databases on traditional tokamaks with A > 2.5-3 and spherical tokamaks with A less than or equal to < 1.5-1.6; - special equipment is designed for manipulation with divertor plates (vacuum sluices, a divertor “table” inside the vacuum vessel, which can be shifted both in vertical and azimuth directions). [ DOI ]

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