Results of Black Hole Candidate Cyg X-1 Campaign of Coordinated Observations in 1995-1998тезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Results of black hole candidate cyg x-1 campaign of coordinated observations in 1995-1998 / E. A. Karitskaya, I. B. Voloshina, V. P. Goranskij et al. // "European Astronomy at the Turn of the Millenium", JENAM-2000, Abstracts. — GEOS Moscow, Russia, 2000. — P. 78– 78. Broad-band photometric observations of massive X-ray bunary black hole candidate Cyg X-1 were carried out during 1995-1998 in frames of the campaign of coordinated observations at different observatories of former Soviet Union. All data have been reduced to a homogenious set. Comparison of the optical and X-ray data clearly shows the existance of several kinds of variability. The cross-correlation analysis of the whole dataset permitted us to find correlations between optical and X-ray data on different time scales.

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