Auroral Oval Mapping and the Problem of the Acceleration of Electrons of the Outer Radiation Belt (invited report)тезисы доклада

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[1] Auroral oval mapping and the problem of the acceleration of electrons of the outer radiation belt (invited report) / E. E. Antonova, M. V. Stepanova, M. O. Riazantseva et al. // International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun–Earth System III. — Golden Sands, Bulgaria, 2016. — P. 4–4. One of the main unsolved problem of magnetospheric physics is the appearance of great fluxes of relativistic electrons during recovery phases of magnetic storms. This problem continues to be one of the main object of space weather science. Great affords till now are concentrated to the study of wave-particle interactions. However, results of experimental observations show that the analysis of the global magnetospheric dynamics can clarify many important aspects of the process of the acceleration of outer belt electrons. The main process which is not proper analyzed is the auroral oval motion to low latitudes during magnetic storms. Such motion is the result of the change of magnetic configuration and mainly is connected with the ring current development. Auroral oval is ordinarily considered as the region of plasma sheet mapping to the ionospheric altitudes. However latest obtained results show that the most part of the auroral oval is mapped to the outer part of the ring current. Such mapping explains the ring like form of the auroral oval. It also gives the possibility to remove the topological problem of the physics of high latitude magnetosphere as the mapping of the plasma sheet to the ionosphere leads to the infinitely thin ring like structure near noon. Obtained results [Antonova et al., 2014, 2015] are based on the comparison of plasma pressure distributions at low altitudes and at the equatorial plane and do not use any model of the magnetospheric magnetic field. Field-aligned and transverse acceleration of ions (formation of ion beams and conics) of ionospheric origin is the consequence of auroral dynamics. Storm time motion of the auroral oval leads to the appearance of great fluxes of accelerated ionospheric ions injected into the magnetosphere at comparatively low latitudes. Such injections increase value of plasma pressure in the ring current. We analyze the role of such increases in the ring current formation and magnetic field distortion. The most powerful injections take place at the equatorial boundary of the auroral oval where ion injections produce sharp peak of plasma pressure. The coincidence of pressure maximum and the location of the maximum of new formed radiation belt is demonstrated [Antonova and Stepanova, 2015]. We discuss the possibility to predict the location of the new radiation belt using data of low orbiting satellites and ground based observations.

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