Solar cosmic rays on the ground level observingтезисы доклада Тезисы

Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Solar cosmic rays on the ground level observing / Y. V. Balabin, E. A. Mikhalko, A. V. Germanenko et al. // Сборник тезисов докладов, X Юбилейная международная конференция Солнечно-земные связи и физика предвестников землетрясений. — 2019. Large solar flares eject in the space energetic particles fluxes called Solar Cosmic Rays (SCR). Sometimes the particles with energy about tens GeV are observed in SCR. In the case of Earthward spreading ground level detectors show radiation increasing which is called Ground Level Enhancement (GLE). The galactic cosmic rays are the background level. An amplitude of GLE events can be reach to thousands percents. Such events are dangerous due to its global appearance: increases of the ground radiation are up to dozens of times. The number of GLE events is more than seventy. A main unit for GLE registration is a global neutron monitor (NM) network. Using data of these NM tens of GLE events were obtained by the specific methodics of the inverse problem solving of GLE. Energetic and spatial characteristics of SCR were derived. There are some common regular occurrences. They point to similar conditions both in the generation of SCR and spreading to the Earth.

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