Competition Between Saturated and Unsaturated Components for Reacting with Emerging 1:1 Adduct Radical... in Free-Radical Nonbranched-Chain Processes of Initiated Addition to Molecular C=C Bonds in Binary Systemsстатья

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1. Полный текст The reaction scheme is suggested for the initiated nonbranched-chain addition of free radicals to the C=C bonds of the unsaturated compounds. It is shown that a maximum in the studied experimental curves arises from the competition between saturated and unsaturated components for reacting with the emerging 1:1 adduct radical. M.M._Silaev_Chem._Sci._Engg._Res._2020_23_7-11_website.pdf 504,7 КБ 19 марта 2020 [SilaevMM]