Magnetohydrodynamic Thermochemotherapy and MRI of Malignant Tumorigenesisстатья

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[1] Magnetohydrodynamic thermochemotherapy and mri of malignant tumorigenesis / N. A. Brusentsov, Y. A. Pirogov, V. A. Polyanskiy et al. // Solid State Phenomena. — 2012. — Vol. 190. — P. 717–720. Citric-ferrite sol (CFS) has been synthesized and successfully tested as MRI negative contrast preparation for revealing primary tumors, and also invasions and metastases at the tumor relapses. Magnetohydrodynamic thermochemotherapy (MTC) by Cysplatin (CP), Mitoxantron (MX), Melphalan (MP) combined with CFS, which were carefully monitoring in vivo and quantified by an electronic detector, improved results of cancer treatment. At various stages of oncogenesis, MTC with CFS at a dose of 62 mg Fe/kg combined with chemotherapeutic drugs was performed at +48º C for 30 min. While such MTC, treatment of ∼30 mm3 B 16 melanoma tumor by AC magnetic field led to tumor regression in female mice up to 40 %, and an increase of life span up to 300 % was achieved. (ISSN: 1662-9779). [ DOI ]

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