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[1] Additional enhancement of sers effect by a surface wave in photonic crystal / I. A. Boginskaya, I. A. Nechepurenko, V. Y. Shishkov et al. // Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. — 2019. — Vol. 50, no. 10. — P. 1452–1461. We propose and demonstrate an enhancement of the Raman signal additional to that provided by the surface‐enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) effect. Such an additional enhancement appears due to a resonance attributed to the existence of a surface wave at a photonic crystal (PC)/vacuum interface. Such a PC is realized as a system of alternating layers deposited on a prism, through which light enters the structure. The SERS‐active layer of aggregates of gold nanoparticles modified by dithionitrobenzoic acid is deposited on the PC/vacuum interface, where the resonant field is located. In the experiment, up to 170‐fold SERS signal enhancement is demonstrated with respect to the same SERS‐active layer deposited at a nonresonant substrate. [ DOI ]

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