Blue Bay as a Sub-Satellite Ground for Evaluating Hydrochemical Characteristics in the Shelf Areas of the Crimeaстатья

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[1] Blue bay as a sub-satellite ground for evaluating hydrochemical characteristics in the shelf areas of the crimea / S. I. Kondratev, A. V. Varenik, Y. L. Vnukov et al. // Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography. — 2016. — no. 1. — P. 48–59. Results of analysis of hydrochemical characteristics (main elements of nutrient and carbon cycles) spatial distribution in the Blue Bay waters based on the expeditionary research (carried out by Marine Hydrophysical Institute in 2002 – 2014) data are represented. It is shown that this area and the oceanographic platform located in its southwestern part constitute a convenient ground for synchronous remote and sub-satellite studies of natural oceanographic processes and impact of coastal anthropogenic sources of pollution.

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