Photometric Evolution of the Orbital Light Curves of the Slow Nova V723 Casстатья

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[1] Photometric evolution of the orbital light curves of the slow nova v723 cas / S. Y. Shugarov, V. P. Goranskij, N. A. Katysheva et al. // Zdeněk Kopal's Binary Star Legacy. — Springer, 2005. — P. 431–431. UBVRI photoelectric and CCD photometry of the slow nova V723 Cas obtained in the years 1995-2003 is presented. The evolution of light curves in 1-year intervals, folded with the orbital period 0.69326 days, shows an increase of the amplitude of the wave-like variations from 0.07 to 1.3 mag during the years 1997-2003. The fact that the shape and amplitude of the orbital light curves does not depend on wavelength is most probably related to the geometry of eclipses combined with the distribution of circumstellar matter in the system. [ DOI ]

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