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[1] Dumin Y. V., Somov B. V. On the most typical structure of three-dimensional magnetic reconnection // Astronomy Letters. — 2016. — Vol. 42, no. 11. — P. 774–781. Motivated by the problem of magnetic reconnection in turbulent astrophysical plasmas with a strong magnetic field, in particular, in solar flares, we have calculated the probability of occurrence of various topological structures of three-dimensional reconnection at the null point of a random magnetic field. We have established that the peculiar nonaxisymmetric structure with six asymptotic directions, the six-tailed structure, also called the improper radial null, plays a dominant role. All the remaining structures, in particular, the axisymmetric ones (the proper radial nulls), occur with a much lower probability. The fundamental feature of the six-tailed structure is that at large distances it is approximately reduced to the classical two-dimensional X-type structure. [ DOI ]

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