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[1] Potapova R. K., Potapov V. V. Main problems of russian forensic phonetics // Вестник Московского государственного лингвистического университета. Серия Языкознание. — 2016. — Vol. 15, no. 754. — P. 10–18. The paper includes information on the following topics: Russian and the languages of the former USSR; the strategy of forensic phonetic investigations in Russia; the analysis of the current situation around the issue of speaker identification by voice and speech. Statistical and content analysis of questionnaires concerning qualitative characteristics of forensic phonetic experts corpus showed that: all experts teams need more linguists with special speech and language knowledge in the field of classical phonology, experimental phonetics, speech acoustics, speech perception; variety and phonetic interference regarding first of all Russian and languages of the former USSR, Russian and foreign languages of other countries of the world.

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