First observation of $D^0-\bar D^0$ oscillations in $D^0\to K^+π^-π^+π^-$ decays and measurement of the associated coherence parametersстатья

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[1] First observation of d0-d0 oscillations in d0k+π-π+π- decays and measurement of the associated coherence parameters / А. В. Бережной, Н. В. Никитин, А. К. Лефлат et al. // Physical Review Letters. — 2016. — Vol. 116, no. 24. — P. 241801. Charm meson oscillations are observed in a time-dependent analysis of the ratio of D0→K+π−π+π− to D0→K−π+π−π+ decay rates, using data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3.0fb−1 recorded by the LHCb experiment. The measurements presented are sensitive to the phase-space averaged ratio of doubly Cabibbo-suppressed to Cabibbo-favoured amplitudes rK3πD and the product of the coherence factor RK3πD and a charm mixing parameter y′K3π. The constraints measured are rK3πD=(5.67±0.12)×10−2, which is the most precise determination to date, and RK3πD⋅y′K3π=(0.3±1.8)×10−3, which provides useful input for determinations of the CP-violating phase γ in B±→DK±,D→K∓π±π∓π± decays. The analysis also gives the most precise measurement of the D0→K+π−π+π− branching fraction, and the first observation of D0−D¯0 oscillations in this decay mode, with a significance of 8.2 standard deviations. [ DOI ]

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