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[1] Khalikov S. S., Malyuga A. A., Chulikova N. S. Complex preparations for the protection potato on the basis of tebuconazole // Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A. — 2019. — Vol. 9, no. 6A. Among the various methods to protect potatoes from common diseases, the most economical and environmentally friendly is tuber dressing. Based on the tebuconazole, thiram and benzimidazole fungicides, protectants (in the form of solid dispersions and suspensions) have been developed for use on potatoes against various diseases. The solid-phase mechanochemical modification of selected fungicides with the help of water-soluble polymers made it possible to obtain supramolecular complexes that possessed high biological activity with a reduced dosage of active substances 10 and more times due to their influence on the properties of cell membranes. An alternative approach—the development of stable suspension forms for these fungicides without the use of traditional formative substances (stabilizers, emulsifiers, film formers, etc.)—allowed for the practical use of innovative products in the form of suspension concentrates. The analysis of the quality indicators of the obtained multicomponent environmentally friendly protectants made it possible to select the most promising of them, the biological tests of which indicated a decrease in the number of tubers of patients with dry rot 1.6-2.0 times in comparison with the control variant, and they were also more effective than the standard preparation (Colfugo Super, SC 60) 1.2-1.3 times. The proposed preparations significantly reduced the development of rhizoctoniosis in the period of sprouting 5.8-7.3 times or the plants were completely healthy, and in the budding-flowering stage 2.7-5.5 times. The preparations provided a reliable yield increase, and also reduced the weight percentage of unsuitable tubers and significantly increased the yield of healthy tubers. [ DOI ]

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