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[1] Two-dimensional high-quality ag/py magnetoplasmonic crystals / A. R. Pomozov, A. L. Chekhov, I. A. Rodionov et al. // Applied Physics Letters. — 2020. — Vol. 116, no. 1. — P. 013106. We demonstrate a perspective approach for the fabrication of functional high-quality magnetoplasmonic crystals based on a 2D periodical perforated silver film covered by a thin layer of ferromagnetic metal (Permalloy). The wavelength-angular spectra of the 2D crystals reveal a large number of high-quality resonant features associated with the excitation of surface plasmon-polariton modes of various orders. Due to the presence of a ferromagnetic material on both plasmonic interfaces, pronounced magnetic effects are observed for all excitations and are influenced by the coupling between various modes. The suggested magnetoplasmonic crystal composition with high-quality resonant optical and magneto-optical properties gives perspective for the control over the light propagation as well as for sensor applications. [ DOI ]

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