Effect of Clear-Cutting On CO2 and H2O Exchange between Land Surface and the Atmosphere: Experimental and Modeling Studyтезисы доклада

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[1] Effect of clear-cutting on co2 and h2o exchange between land surface and the atmosphere: Experimental and modeling study / A. V. Olchev, J. V. Mukhartova, A. G. Molchanov et al. // 33 International Geographical Congress : Book of Abstracts. — Beijing, China, 2016. — P. 552–552. The main goal of the study is to describe the possible impact of clear-cutting on H2O and CO2, as key greenhouse gases, between a land surface and the atmosphere. This is experimental and modeling study that integrates intensive field campaigns to derive the spatial and temporal variability of H2O and CO2 fluxes, and development and application of local scale process-based turbulent transfer models to quantify atmospheric fluxes.

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