Mechanism of Stimulation of Angiogenesis in Ischemic Myocardium With the Help of Adipose Tissue Stromal Cellsстатья

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[1] Mechanism of stimulation of angiogenesis in ischemic myocardium with the help of adipose tissue stromal cells / K. A. Rubina, N. I. Kalinina, A. Y. Efimenko et al. // Kardiologiya. — 2010. — Vol. 50, no. 2. — P. 51–61. Stromal cells from subcutaneous adipose tissue (adipose derived stromal cells - ASCs) are perspective for cell therapy of ischemic states because of ability to stimulate growth of vessels. For the elucidation of mechanisms of angiogenic action of ASCs we used the model of co-cultivation of ASCs with cells isolated from postnatal hearts (fraction of cardiomyocutes - CMC). CMC fraction contained mature cardiomyocytes, endothelial and progenitor cells. On the 2-nd day spontaneously beating colonies of CMC with growing from them CD31-positive capillary-like structures were formed in CMC culture. Observed structures were unstable and came apart after 5 days of cultivation. At co-cultivation of CMC with ASCs formation of stable ramified CD31-positive structures was observed. Using the method of co-cultivation of CMC with mitomycin C treated ASCs and the method of immune magnetic depletion for removal of epithelial cells from the CMC fraction we found that ASCs stimulates formation of capillary like structure at the account of secretion of angiogenic factors, stabilization of forming CD31-positive structures at the account of intercellular contacts and stimulation of endothelial differentiation of progenitor cells present in CMC fraction.

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