Current status of GW experiment and multi-messenger astronomyстатья

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[1] Rudenko V. N. Current status of gw experiment and multi-messenger astronomy // Proceedings of the International Workshop on Quark Phase Transition in Compact Objects and Multimessenger Astronomy: Neutrino Signals, Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts. — Vol. 1. — Publishing house “Sneg” Pyatigorsk, 2016. — P. 96–104. A limited review of the status of advanced gravitational wave interferometers is presented. In addition, a new opto-acoustical gravitational detector OGRAN in the deep underground of BNO INR RAS is described. The second part of the paper contains a short description of the ―multi-messenger astronomy‖ approach in the context of the GW detection. Various scenarios of such strategy proposed by different authors are discussed. Special attention is paid to the ―neutrino-gravity correlation‖ which looks more or less realistic in respect of supernova events in the Milky Way and near-by galaxies.

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