Gravity Assist Maneuvers of a Spacecraft in Jupiter Systemстатья

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[1] Gravity assist maneuvers of a spacecraft in jupiter system / Y. F. Golubev, A. V. Grushevskii, V. V. Koryanov, A. G. Tuchin // Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International. — 2014. — Vol. 53, no. 3. — P. 445–463. Low cost tours in the Jovian system using gravity assist maneuvers near its large bodies are considered. Limited dynamic capabilities of the application of such maneuvers require multiple flybys of these bodies. Clearly, it is important to regularly design optimal scenarios of sequential flybys of celestial bodies and to elaborate conditions for their execution. The paper is devoted to the description of a technique for designing such chains of flybys. Examples of using this technique for the elaboration of specific versions of the Laplace-P mission are discussed. DOI: 10.1134/S1064230714030083. [ DOI ]

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