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[1] Natural waters in the system of related landscapes / L. G. Bogatyrev, A. I. Benediktova, N. I. Zhilin et al. // Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin. — 2016. — Vol. 71, no. 3. — P. 101–108. Abstract—A comparative analysis of natural waters in the system of southern taiga landscapes showed that the difference in their composition was due not only to their belonging to a certain type of a water entity but also to the nature of water-enclosing rocks. The specificity of the composition is particularly evident in the case of high carbonate concentration tending to the near-terrace area of the Klyazma River. It was found that snow waters of Moscow region landscapes were less polluted than urban waters. A comparison of lysimetric and natural waters suggests that two conventional groups are observed in nature: the former is formed by water- courses of f loodplain landscapes with an increased carbonate content, and the latter is made up by natural waters that belong to landscapes outside the impact of carbonates. Lysimetric soils of unpolluted areas obvi- ously tend to natural landscapes, whereas waters in the zone of impact of deicing agents form an independent group. [ DOI ]

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