Народные приметы погоды - мифы и действительностьстатья

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[1] Рукин М. Д., Кузьмин В. В., Ясаманов Н. А. Народные приметы погоды - мифы и действительность // Геоинформатика. — 1996. — № 3. — С. 48–61. People's Weather Omens-Myths and Reality. M.D.Rukin, V.V.Kuzmin, and N.A.Yasamanov. Paper presents an original writers' view to the people'somens, folk proverbs and sauings associated with the weather forecasting from characteristic local sings.People always took interest in the weather which affects their life and mood, feeling and future plans. They watched the behavior of animals and plants, and from these observations they derived certain omens, characteristics signs - precursors of weather alterations. The problems are formulated concerning the correlation of theweather and Moon, weather and solar activity, weather and cosmic processes, weather and astrology, and an attempt is made to solve these problems.Speculations about the characther and reliability of those correlations are considered. Based on the critical analysis a sample of people's omens, proverbs and sayings is taken from the folk monthly reference covering all the year round. They are presented in the paper accompanied by comments on their reliability. Depending on the available archives the critical reviev analysis is made of this information, sometimes within the period of 15-20 years and above. In conclusion a list of references and authors' papers presented at the international conferences and exhУДК 551.509.3; ISSN 1609-364X; Код в каталоге 3143; ibitions is given. УДК 551.509.3.

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