A Model Analysis of the Effect of Climate Changes on the Balance Structure of Operational Reserves of Riverside Groundwater Depositsстатья

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[1] Grinevskiy S. O., Sporyshev V. S., Samartsev V. N. A model analysis of the effect of climate changes on the balance structure of operational reserves of riverside groundwater deposits // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. — 2019. — Vol. 74, no. 5. — P. 473–482. The results of simulation of exploitation of the Sudogda groundwater field (Vladimir Region) were analyzed for the modern and predicted climate conditions, which reflect the preservation of the observed tendencies of changes in meteorological parameters for the next 25-year period. Comparison of the balance structure of water intake obtained by modeling has shown that the predicted climate changes will result in an increase in the portion of natural resources and to a decrease in the involved stream infiltration. The expected climate changes will cause slightly greater stream depletion under the effect of groundwater withdrawal, which will not have negative consequences, as it will be compensated by an increase in the transit river flow. The results of these studies reflect the effect of the observed and expected climate changes on the balance of water sources of groundwater fields in river valleys in the center of the European Russia. [ DOI ]

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