The Analysis of Three Novae: Old Novae Q Cyg, DI Lac, and N CYG 1992 = V1974 CYGстатья

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[1] The analysis of three novae: Old novae q cyg, di lac, and n cyg 1992 = v1974 cyg / V. P. Goransky, S. Y. Shugarov, E. S. Dmitrienko, E. P. Pavlenko // Astronomical Time Series. — Vol. 218 of Astrophysics and Space Science Library. — 1997. — P. 219–222. The photometric investigations of Old Nova 1876 = Q∼Cyg (at the minimum of light), Nova Cyg 1992 = V1974∼Cyg (at the fall of light) and N Cas 1995 (during outburst) are carried out. For the first time an orbital period and semiregular variations in the minimum of light curve were determined for Q∼Cyg. The unusual behavior on U-B/B-V diagram and possible periodic light variability for V1974∼Cyg were analyzed. The light curves of N Cas 95 are presented from the outburst in autumn 1995 till present time. Significant flash activity is observed during this time. The behavior on the U-B/B-V diagram is presented. The comparison of photometric properties of these three stars with other novae are shown. Preliminary models for these stars are made.

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