Radial Pulsation of the Cooling White Dwarf in the Decay of Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 (V723 Cas)статья

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[1] Goranskij V. P., Metlova N. V., Shugarov S. Y. Radial pulsation of the cooling white dwarf in the decay of nova cassiopeiae 1995 (v723 cas) // Proceedings of the conference Classical Nova Explosions. — Vol. 637 of American Institute of Physics Conference Series. — [College Park, Md.], United States: [College Park, Md.], United States, 2002. — P. 311–314. The episode of oscillations with the period of 90m was observed on September 19, 1999 in the light decay stage of V723 Cas. This is a slow nova having highly inclined orbit with the period of 0.693265 days. The phenomenon is explained by pulsations in the expanded envelope of white dwarf. The possibility of pulsations was earlier predicted by K. Schenker. [ DOI ]

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