Nova Monocerotis 2002 (V838 Mon) in the Early Stages of its Outburstстатья

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[1] Nova monocerotis 2002 (v838 mon) in the early stages of its outburst / E. A. Barsukova, N. V. Borisov, V. P. Goranskij et al. // Proceedings of the conference Classical Nova Explosions. — Vol. 637 of American Institute of Physics Conference Series. — [College Park, Md.], United States: [College Park, Md.], United States, 2002. — P. 303–307. The results of archival search, photometry and medium resolution spectroscopy of peculiar nova V838 Mon are reported. Prediscovery observations suggest that pre-outburst star was blue with (B - V)0 = -0m.03 +/- 0m.1 and MV = 2m.9 +/- 0m.5 or L = 5.6Lsolar (at the distance of 1.2 kpc). Our spectroscopy shows that the star has a normal chemical composition, the metal lines being strengthened by dense atmosphere located above photosphere. We have observed the lithium lines, what suggests that the material of star's envelope is enriched by lithium originated from the nuclear fusion at the outburst and ejected into exterior layers. The light and colour curves are demonstrated, and similarlity with nova V1006/7 in M31 is noticed. [ DOI ]

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