The Photometry of V1974 Cyg = N Cyg 1992статья

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[1] Shugarov S. Y., Goranskij V. P., Pavlenko E. P. The photometry of v1974 cyg = n cyg 1992 // Proceedings of the conference Classical Nova Explosions. — Vol. 637 of American Institute of Physics Conference Series. — [College Park, Md.], United States: [College Park, Md.], United States, 2002. — P. 323–327. The results of photoelectric and CCD U BV RI observations and extensive CCD and TV monitoring of V1974 Cas during the decline phase are shown. Strong features in the ultraviolet light and colour curves are caused by the temporal appearance of forbidden neon emissions. The improved orbital period of 0.08125970(+/-5) day is determined. The “superhump” period of 0.08522 day is still observed, too. [ DOI ]

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