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[1] Shell model states in the continuum / A. M. Shirokov, A. I. Mazur, I. A. Mazur, J. P. Vary // arXiv Nuclear Theory [nucl-th]. — 2016. — no. 1608.05885. — P. 1–28. We suggest a method for calculating scattering phase shifts and energies and widths of resonances which utilizes only eigenenergies obtained in variational calculations with oscillator basis and their dependence on oscillator basis spacing ℏΩ . We make use of simple expressions for the S-matrix at eigenstates of a finite (truncated) Hamiltonian matrix in the oscillator basis obtained in the HORSE (J-matrix) formalism of quantum scattering theory. The validity of the suggested approach is verified in calculations with model Woods-Saxon potentials and applied to calculations of nα resonances and non-resonant scattering using the no-core shell model.

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