Spatial Distribution and Kinetics of Negative Ions in Glow DC Discharge in Pure O2 and H2статья

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[1] Spatial distribution and kinetics of negative ions in glow dc discharge in pure o2 and h2 / V. V. Ivanov, K. S. Klopovskiy, D. V. Lopaev et al. // Advanced Technologies Based on Wave and Beam Generated Plasma. NATO Science Series. Subseries 3: High Technology. Ed. by H.Schluter and A.Shivarova. — Vol. 67 of 3. High Technology. — Springer Netherlands, 1999. — P. 495–496. In order to understand and insight into physics of electronegative gas plasma we started a comprehensive experimental and theoretical study of the discharge in the gases with substantially different extent of electronegativity: H2, O2 and CF4. For this aim we have used a classical object of discharge physics glow DC discharge in cylindrical geometry. We have carried out the experiments directed to investigate non-locality and anisotropy effects on EEDF, as well as to study negative ion kinetics, metastable particles and atom and radical kinetics. Those investigations gave us the basis for developing the self-consistent approaches to electronegative gas discharge treatment and allowed one to study some elementary processes in details. Here there are presented one of the investigations — a study of spatial distribution and kinetics of negative ions in DC discharge in pure H2 and O2. [ DOI ]

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