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[1] Statistical covert channels through proxy server / G. Alexei, A. Grusho, A. Kniazev, E. Timonina // Computer Network Security, Third International Workshop on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Computer Network Security, MMM-ACNS 2005, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 25-27, 2005, Proceedings. — Vol. 3685 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. — Heidelberg, Germany: Heidelberg, Germany, 2005. — P. 424–429. The paper is devoted to creating a covert channel through a PROXY server. The channel is based upon data permutation in server buffer using the sequence of packets coming from the router connected to the PROXY server. The resulting data flow allows to create a statistical covert channel that transfers information by manipulating expectation and dispersion of the number of increasing pairs in the sequence of network addresses.

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